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 About the Ranking System

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Spirit Guide

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PostSubject: About the Ranking System   About the Ranking System EmptyMon Jun 11, 2018 7:05 am

In the spirit of all life being connected and of the same source, I have chosen to base the ranks on the chakra system. It seems fitting that a journey interacting with others could be expressed as moving from the base of a person's experience, through to their higher self passing through many different energy centers along the way

About the Ranking System Cchart10

The ranks follow the basic seven, leaving room for expansion later. The number of posts needed to reach a new level I will keep secret as I think it is a nice surprise as you get there and I don't want to encourage competitiveness. These ranks are based on number of posts and are really only a counter and nothing more.

Happy interacting

About the Ranking System 000010
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About the Ranking System
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