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 About the Smileys

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PostSubject: About the Smileys   About the Smileys EmptySun Jun 17, 2018 8:29 am

There are five different categories of smileys:

Basic Emotions - happy, sad, mad...the simple ones

Extra Emotions - hugs, love, evil and the deeper ones

Nature & Mystic - kind of anything earth-related like plants, animals, sun, moon, nature beings, etc

Word & Symbol - signs, symbols, greetings, hand gestures and anything universally recognised to stand for an idea or thing

Misc - all the rest

BIG is better Smile


Because I like to be creative and have the choice for greater expression.

You won't find many small smileys on here and yes, I do know the big ones disrupt the flow of texts and throw things out visually but that kind of IS the point: to look at things differently or in a new way.

I've tried to upload a variety of images that can be used interpretively within messages. For instance this one: kgbt which has become a symbol of the LGBT community could also be used to denote equality or coming together or even hope for a brighter day.

cube This one might be about unraveling mysteries or tackling something big in your life.

I've included some inspirational ones to offer support to others: queen elephant because sometimes it is hard to figure out what to say to people.

There's also other words and symbols that sum up a larger idea: nama Question sunny Neutral

And you will find plenty of metaphysical ones too  home  elf ufow jar

So when posting, make sure you check out the drop down boxes in the smiley selection area and have fun with adding expression to your words  Wink

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About the Smileys
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